Few games can rival the excitement and intensity that accompanies the Super Bowl. It continues to be one of the most significant calendar events around sports. It brings together people of all ages who share a love for the game. The spend on advertising and media coverage further cements the impact of Super Bowl as a top earner for those in the industry. Game lovers can reel off statistics on different games and players quickly. But there is so much to know about the game.

Things You May Not Know About the Super Bowl

1. Super Bowl Footballs

It may be hard to believe, but the football which players use during the game undergoes a 25 step process before completion. The Wilson Football Factory handcrafts the balls to perfection. Each team gets a total of 108 balls, 54 for practice sessions, and the remainder for use at the actual game.

2. Tickets

The Super Bowl is a time when different companies make a lot of money. Think about the level of advertising, merchandising, event management, and other aspects that go into making the game a success. One of the most significant sources of money comes from ticket sales. Getting to watch the match can cost you up to $10,000. Anyone who attended the Super bowl in 1967, at its inception, must be amazed at the cost. At the time, an average ticket cost $6. However, the price of tickets does not seem to be an issue though, for most people. It is not uncommon to hear that tickets are completely sold out almost immediately on release.

3. Viewership

The Super Bowl comes in at number two in terms of the most-watched sporting event in the world. Industry estimates say that up to 100 million people will watch the game every single year. Companies fight for advertising spots. As of 2020, a 30-second ad spot cost up to $5 million.