With each NFL playoff, football fans will proclaim that it is the best game they have ever seen. Notably because over the years, the competition has risen to be one of the best sporting events in the world. Surprises are always in-store; you never can tell what to expect in any of them.

Despite all that, there have been historic and memorable NFL matches featuring historic comebacks and upsets. One of those events is Super Bowl III.

Super Bowl III

Rated among one of the most historic football games of all time, it was played on 12th January 1969, between New York Jets and Baltimore Colts. The match was held at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida.

It was the first to incorporate the name Super Bowl officially, and the third in line in the AFL-NFL championship games. It was during this game that New York Jets, the then American Football League (AFL) champion conquered Baltimore Colts, who were the then National Football League (NFL) champions. The AFL team attained their first victory in the Super Bowl by a score of 16-7.

It’s during this game that Joe Namath, the Jets quarterback completed 17 out of 28 passes for 206 yards, earning himself the title of the Super Bowl’s Most Valuable Player. This was despite the fact that he never threw any touchdown pass throughout the game and no passes in the fourth quarter. The Jets’ defence stood out throughout the game.

No one expected the Jets to win despite Joe Namath promising a win three days before the game. The victory was attributed to good coaching. Jets coach Weeb Ewbank had served at the Colts in a similar capacity for nine years thus was familiar with all their tactics. He took advantage of their defence, as he had worked with the rival players before.