It is only fair to say that the British-American silent wars never really ended with them making minor alterations to their spelling and wording of English terms, but also extended to their sports industries as well. In the UK, we have football while in the US we have soccer. Rugby in the UK and American Football in the US. With over 102 million viewers tuning in to watch Kansas City demolish San Francisco 49ers in the 2020 Super Bowl finals, the global popularity of American Football is on the rise. Could this culture be catching up with the citizens of the UK despite the shroud of cynical jokes aimed at this rugby-wannabe sport?


The first American Football game to be played in the UK was in 1910 by the US Navy servicemen. This was followed by the historical “Tea Bowl” and “Coffee Bowl” between Canadian and US troops during the Second World War. In 1982, Channel 4 improved the popularity of the sport by showing weekly National Football League (NFL) highlights.

The Game

With improved access to the internet, the popularity of the NFL in the UK has grown since the mid-2000s. Roger Goodell, a fast-thinking Commissioner of the NFL, decided in 2007 to cater for the burgeoning appetite of the British fans for the violent sport that is accustomed to high tackling and huge hits every few yards by launching the NFL International Series. At least one game of the regular season is scheduled to be played in London since then.

The Future

So, what is next for NFL fans in the UK with whom NFL games sell out up to 9 months before they are played? Roger Goodell may be considering launching the London NFL Franchise if the rumours are worth their salt. In the meantime, get yourself a Sky Sports subscription to enjoy all the live action of the NFL season.