The NFL is the United States national league of American football. The games constitute one of the most significant sporting events in the US. American football is not much popularised in other parts of the world, with most people preferring soccer, especially in the United Kingdom. There has, however, been a steadily growing fan base of the NFL globally outside the US.

As a UK citizen who can’t necessarily travel to the US to watch the NFL games, there are alternative methods that make it possible to watch from anywhere in the world. One of the most effective means to access the NFL outside the US is by purchasing an NFL Game Pass.

NFL Game Pass

It’s an online streaming service that allows you to watch all NFL games all the time from the comfort of your home. The best thing about it is that when blackouts happen, they don’t affect the people watching from outside the US. The NFL GamePass allows you to view the games you want whenever you want.

Benefits of the NFL GamePass

NFL GamePass allows you to watch all the games, past and present, from all teams and all seasons. You can also choose to view only games from your favourite club or specific season. With an NFL GamePass, you can decide to only subscribe to particular events like regular-season games, the playoffs, or off-season games.

The GamePass offers services for people who may lack time to watch the games but would like to stay up to date on the scores and ranks. They do this by having a scoring facility that is updated live as the action happens, game statistics to make predictions, and a chat room for fans to interact with each other.

For those seeking free options, there are other ways to watch the NFL in the UK, like using a VPN to access US-based TV channels or using other free live TV options.