History of Super bowl (Final part)

As introduced in the former article, Super Bowl is one of the most favorite sports in America. 

If you are a foreigner, watching Super bowl is also a great way to discover a part of characters in life style and though of the American.

Today, we continue to refer major events in Super bowl. 

According to the previous article, we have ever shared about origins of Super bowl, then the first four in Super bowls and ranking of some great teams in this tournament. Now, we share other events related to history of Super bowl.

The first halftime show in Super Bowl 

It’s an interesting ideal when connecting smoothly between sports and entertainment so that it contributes to create strong features to watch a Super bowl match.

The first ideal that there were some bands from high schools or universities of the local would perform some games or music during the halftime show. It helped spectators not to feel boring while they waited players to come the second stage. 

Once this ideal to take action, it received good feedbacks from spectators. They felt more relaxing while waiting. Even, someone liked going to Super bowl match to watch the performance in the halftime part.

Day by day, quality and scale of Super Bowl was improved better, it also led to develop the halftime show better. Instead of asking amateur artist to perform, they asked popular musicians to come the stage and express directly to audience. Some shows were loved and interesting. They felt happy during 30-minute breaktime with music.

It was a perfect combination between Super bowl and musical entertainment. Even, other famous sports like football also can’t create something special in the halftime of the match.

During history of Super bowl, there were series of international artists to perform in the halftime show like Michael Jackson, U2, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen or Lady Gaga so on. It was successful of Super bowl until now.