History of Super bowl (Part 1)

Here, we discuss major events about history of Super Bowl. Following it if you are interested in playing this game.

According to historical event, NFL was organized the first Super Bowl on paper in 1920. However, until 40 years later, this event was officially played as a professional tournament.

In 1960, one group wanted to franchise the Super Bowl, but NFL refused it. So, they decided to create new football league, called as AFL- American Football League. This event was completed directly to the Super Bowl about quality, scale, prize as well spectators. However, when two tournaments were competing, they became gridiron rivals which was not symbol in sports. So, one agreement was released to merge two leagues into one general league.

In 1966, the first event after merge was organized with joining of both AFL and NFL champions before. This game was called an official name as ““AFL-NFL World Championship Game”.  In the finals, Green Bay Packers representing for NFL were against Kansas city chiefs at the Los Angeles Coliseum representing for AFL. Although the ticket costed only $12, it was not sold out. However, it was welcomed warmly by the networks with more than 61,000 audiences.

Finally, NFL’s team won the opposing with final scores 35-10. Then some next leagues later, representatives of NFL always won again any team in AFL, so someone wondered whether the AFL team had ability to own Championship in the Super bowl or not.

The fact, answer should already be responsed in some seasons later. AFL tried to outperform than any oppoent in AFL.

But people felt not comfortable when using a long name for one league. So, they proposed to change the new term “Super Bowl” which was still kept until now.

In Super Bowl, there was two major conferences: the AFC (American Football Conference) and NFC (National Football Conference)