History of Super bowl (Part 2)

Super bowl is a young game of America but it has fast growth and is loved by many American people, especially the young.

To understand more about this game, here we summarize some major events in history of super bowl.

From the former article, we refer the origins and meanings of the name “Super Bowl” as well establishment of two conference AFC and NFC. Now, we continue to move to other events.

The first four Super bowls

The first super bowls was organized in 1967 at Los Angeles Coliseum between Green Bay Packers (representatives of NFL) and Kansas city chiefs (representatives of AFL).

Although one ticket only had $12, it was the only Super Bowl sold out all. However, it was received good feedback and reaction of spectators about one professional super bowl. Estimated there was more than 61,000 viewers to follow through TV show. Finally, the Packers had winning finally with 35-10.

Coming the Super bowl II, Packers continued to defeat the Oakland raiders with 33-14. Some people wondered whether the AFL team had enough ability to face with the NFL or not.

In the Super Bowl III, outcome was different when New York Jets was representative of AFL defeated Baltimore Colts of NFL. The final super bowl had winning of Kansas city in NFL before the Minnesota Viking with 23-7. This victory proved that strength and ability of AFL and NFL was similar.

After first four Super Bowl received good comments, Super Bowl was integrated from AFL and NFL into one team. then they continued to host and grow Super Bowl tournaments until now.

Top ranking of the best super bowl team

During 1970s to 1980s, there were 3 teams dominating the competition: Pittsburgh Steelers, Miami Dolphins and and Dallas Cowboys.

Since 1980s, some franchises were practiced leading to change about position and quality of teams. Some new clubs were outstanding like the 49ers, Chicago Bears, Washington Redskins or New York Giants.