How to play super bowl work

The super bowl work is a new sport from the USA. It is welcomed by many fans from all over the world. In general, it is an interesting team sport to connect members closer and closer.

If you let know more information about bowl work, you can follow this article. We share basic rule to start the game simply.

You should start with a few basics as following.

Firstly, about offence and defense

In one team, there are two positions: one for attacking and one for defense. Offence player who is also called as attacking player take responsibility to control ball on the pitch. Then they will try to move it forward and make score to rival’s net.

Whereas other players without ball will play roles as defense on the pitch. They need to move and prevent ball movement to the net. The defensive players can do anything to stop the ball-carrier by causing trouble, difficult or interacting to passes of rivals.

In overall, super bowl work has familiar rules as football.

Secondly, about quarterback

A quarterback plays the most important role in a team. He will be responsible for controlling ball and throwing it to other members in team. He looks like a leader in team. In general, a great quarterback will create convenient balls to attacking players so that they are easy to move ball to rival’s net.

We have ever seen many stars in quarterback. For example, Tom Brady was a great leader in New England super bowl team. He played at quarterback. He was considered as the legendary when he supported his teammates to make scores. Almost his ball movements were correct and easy to follow. Thanks to his excellent performance, he with his team won 4 titles in the international super bowl competitions.