Looking back at the Super Bowl LIV overview

The Super Bowl is a championship of the National Football League. This has been the leading professional American football association, since the year 1967. The award is usually held on the first Sunday of February of the solar calendar, called the Super Cup Sunday.

The winning team received the Vince Lombardi Trophy, named after the coach of the Green Bay Packers, who won the first two Super Bowl matches and three of the previous five NFL championships (1961, 1962, and 1965).

The most popular sporting event

For most of the past years, the Super Bowl is the most-watched program of US television broadcasts. The Super Bowl Sunday of the Super Bowl is not only one of the biggest sporting events but is now considered de facto as the national holiday of the United States.

The Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl six times, while the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers have won it five times. Seventeen other teams have won at least once the Super Bowl. The only four teams that have never won the Super Bowl are Lions Detroit, Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Houston Texas.

Super Bowl LIV overview

On Sunday, February 2, 2019, in Miami, Florida, took place the Super Bowl LIV match between two teams of San Francisco’s 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. The teams were the super bowl favorites. As usual, this is the largest sports competition in the US in 2019.

For the Super Bowl LIV alone, there were an estimated 5,800 journalists reported the match. Besides, there were nearly 23 million bettors with a legal stake of up to $ 325 million. The number of people who watch the live broadcast of the match on TV was from 98 million to 114 million. On this occasion, people consumed about 52 million cases of beer, accompanied by tons of fast food such as chicken wings, pizza, barbecue…

And yet, most Americans (52.4%) think that the Monday after the Super Bowl Sunday should be a national holiday, for everyone to stay well.

The expensive advertisement

And the Super Bowl is also politically related because it is nowhere near as effective and expensive to advertise as television ads at the Super Bowl TV live hours. The ad price on Super Bowl LIV for every 30 seconds was $ 5.6 million.