Top five excellent players in 49ers and the Chiefs (Part 1)

The Super Bowl LIV is coming with some final matches. One of the most expected matches in this season is between 49ers and the Chiefs. They are owning many stars as well reaching top the highest class in the ranking.

While the 49ers has ever owned some famous players like Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott or Steve Young, the Chiefs also has star in NFL like Lamar Hunt.

The fact, both teams has been evaluated highly in the franchises. They have a long history in NFL with experience, skills and unique playing styles.

Therefore, the match between 49ers and the Chiefs is expected the most during the season NFL 2020. As response expectations from fans, both teams have succeeded and expressed impressively.

Now, we collect top five excellent players in both teams.

1, Joe Montana

He is nicknamed as ‘Joe Montana Bowl” because his name is closed with successes of the 49ers. He is playing at the quarterbacks during his career. He is also voted as one of the best NFL players all the seasons.

Before coming NFL 2020 season, he has ever owned series of titles and cups, such as 3 titles in Super Bowl MVP, 3 titles in All Pro, 2 titles in NFL MVP. He has about 13 years to be closed and played for the 49ers, so his name is familiar with any fan of the 49ers.

During the time in the 49ers, he could pass 35,124 years, 123interceptions and about 244 touchdowns. He is deserved to become one of key man of the 49ers.

2, Alex Smith

He is playing for the 49ers. The match with the Chiefs is his successful match to prove his profession.

The fact, he has started the professional career with much troubles about injuries. After his recovery, he has improved that he is enough energy, willing and brave to become a key person for team.

By his contribution, the 49ers has ever defeated the New York Giant in one Champion before.