Top the best super bowl teams all the time

Super bowl is a team sport game which is a part of NFL tournament held every year. As a sport festival for the young, many people are interested in watching this super bowl competitions.

The truth that super bowl is one of the championship game internationally where the two champions will play and compete in a predetermined place then find the winner. As schedule, the super bowl is played on the last Sunday in January or move to the first Sunday in February. Depending on arrangement from the federation.

In this article, we collect data about top the best super bowl teams during its history.

1/ Washington Redskins in 1991

In 1991, Washington Redskins was under management by the coach- Joe Gibbs who made incredible achievements for this team. He was smart to build up a perfect team with clear mission and task of per player.

For example, Mark Rypien was a quarterback as a barrier to prevent attacking from the opponent. Whereas Earnest Byner replaced John Riggins in the last season as the majorly featured runner of team. Joe Gibbs also established an underrated defense so that they were durable and flexible to overwhelmed to other competitors.

2/ Dallas Cowboys in 1993

Dallas Cowboys was led by Joe Gibbs and reached series of achievement about super bowls. Joe was lucky when he owned a strong team which had some experienced players from the last season. So, they were highly appreciated about talents and skills for the winning.

The fact, Mark Rypien was the third quarterback to reach the Super Bowl title while Earnest Byner was considered as the best runner of team. They also owned a few stars or two stars to flight for key positions.

Especially, their offensive line was highly apricated when making effective movements to reach maximum scores.