Top things you should know about Super Bowl (Part 2)

The Super Bowl is one of most important and famous sport events in the USA.

If we think that sport is a major industry to develop the American economy, the Super Bowl contributes an important role to make success and frame for sports internationally.

In this article, we continue to discuss top mysterious things about Super Bowl. The following stories can make you to understand more about this event.

How’s benefits for a host city of the Super Bowl

To approve a host city for one Super Bowl league, it’s not easy. This is a stressful race among big cities in the UK.

The federation of the Super Bowl requires strict conditions about space, quality of stadiums as well ability to organize the event. Before one tournament, all cities offer their strength then receive the final result, the citizens as well the local government will build up or restore host stadiums to prepare good conditions.

Sometimes, two or three cities are combined to become the same host cities because their unique ability is not enough to cover an international league.

Why cities expect to be approved as host city for the Super Bowl? Because this event can have positive impact to economy of their city. Through the tournament, they can introduce or advertise their economy or famous landscapes at other citizens outsides. They also earn so much money from spectators to visit and follow live Super Bowl. Or receiving budget from sponsors to advertise their brands in the league. 

In general, there are a lot of benefits for one host city of the Super Bowl.

We can give an example for impact of the Super Bowl to the general economy. 

In 2019 season, the Super Bowl was established at Minneapolis. To be accepted as the host city, the local government in Minneapolis committed that they would build up a new stadium to meet enough quality as well condition for one Super Bowl. As the consequence, they invested 1.06$ billion to prepare for this event. Almost budget was released from the public coffers. They hoped that this event would bring benefits for their economic effects.