Top things you should know about Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of the most modern games in the modern life. In general, it owns millions of spectators in the world. 

There are many amazing things to create interest and fun for the Super Bowl. In this article, we share top special things you should know about this game. Following it if you are a fan of this game.

1/ Many people love the Super Bowl but whether is it still popular as before?

Since this game has been launched, it is welcomed warmly by many fans of the USA. Someone considers that the Super Bowl becomes an indispensable part in the sport daily life. 

However, recent time, the rate of spectators watches this game has been fallen dramatically. According to report, the rate in 2017 is 9.7 percent whereas it drops 8 percent in 2019, only two years ago.

Actually, all games have risen and gone down in case the federation doesn’t know the way to focus on strengths.

2/ Which channel is the favorite of the USA?

Some experts analyze chances in watching habit daily of the Americans.

In the past, more than 100 million of people choose the Super Bowl program on Sunday to follow as a regular habit. Now, they change to new channel like the Patriots, the Eagles play so on. 

The Super Bowl is still considered as a household channel for every family. However, the popularity has been reduced.

3/ How is growth of the Super Bowl in the future?

Although someone neglects to watch the Super Bowl. This game is still popular and loved by the crowded people in the USA. Furthermore, it still plays an important role to impact and push economy developed strongly.

Some stadiums to host the Super Bowl are organized like the Bank Stadium in Minneapolis so that they invest more in the public infrastructure so that this game can bring positive impact for economy in the city.