It may not always be possible to watch the super bowl action in the stadium. It could be due to geographical location or the price of the ticket. It does not, however, mean that you cannot catch the action wherever you are. Technology has advanced to a level that allows you to download apps that will enable you to participate in the thrill of the sport. Check out some of the best below.


The NFL app tops our list of where to watch the super bowl. The app is free to download and works well on android devices. You can find the app on the Play Store and can take advantage of the in-app purchases. You get updates on all the games and the relevant highlights. You can also catch breaking news and related stories around the NFL.


SofaScore is free to download and will give you tons of highlights around the Super Bowl. You will also get video content for any of the high-profile games you may want to catch. It also has tons of content for other sports such as handball, football, and cricket. It works on Android and iOS platforms and is available in the Play Store.

Football NFL Live Scores, Stats, and Schedules

The football NFL live scores stats, and schedules is another free app, and it will work on your Android platform. The user interface is easy to use, and, as the name suggests, you get everything to do with the game. Such information includes live scores, player statistics, score changes, and TV listings.

Fox Sports

Fox sports enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry and live streams the Super Bowl games. It therefore only makes sense that you can access the content on mobile devices. Find it in the Play Store and download it for free. Best of all, you also get access to other different games such as cricket, golf, and tennis.