What is a good game that does not have a moment that audiences will remember for the rest of their lives? The Super Bowl has plenty of such moments, and avid fans can count at least ten without too much effort. However, some of the memories may not be very good.

Power Failure at the New Orleans Superdome

Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers were battling it out at the 2013 Super Bowl. Suddenly the stadium went into total darkness due to power outage. Ironically, the cause of the blackout was due to a relay, whose primary job was to prevent such an occurrence from happening. For 30 minutes, audiences had to wait patiently while the technical crew tried to rectify the problem.

Performance Hitches

Performing in front of thousands of people can be intimidating for even those who have experience. That is what may have happened to Christina Aguilera when she could not remember the words of the national anthem.

Kid Rock decided to split and wear the American flag during the Super Bowl XXXVIII. Needless to say, this move did not go down well with some people. The veterans of foreign wars went to court and filed a lawsuit against CBS. And yes, who can forget the Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson nipple showcasing fiasco. Soccer mums were so offended that they decided to file a lawsuit. To date, we remember it as the wardrobe malfunction that continues to taint Janet Jackson’s career.

The Spy-Gate Scandal

The New England Patriots came under fire for illegally videotaping the New York Jets coaches hand signals. The 2007 fiasco resulted in the head coach paying a $500,000 fine. Due to the accusations, the NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell also had to meet a US senator to discuss illicit practice. Six months later, allegations came up against the same team. This time, they faced accusations of recording Saint Louis Rams practice session in the Super Bowl XXXVI.